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Podcast Episode: All Things Field Service with Zak Krueger

In this episode, Scott is talking with Zak Kreuger, Director at RSM US LLP.  Scott and Zak discuss: 1) How Zak got started in Field Service and why he loves it so much2) Issues field service organizations face in the post-pandemic world3) Current trends, particularly around the aging technician workforce4) Upcoming Field Service events hostedContinue reading “Podcast Episode: All Things Field Service with Zak Krueger”

It’s All About the Asset

Typically, I blog about how you can do some amazing configuration within D365 and/or the Power Platform. Today, it’s all about the Asset….Customer Asset. I get to engage with many individuals at varying stages of their field service career. I will sometimes ask folks this question: “what is the one of the most important piecesContinue reading “It’s All About the Asset”

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